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A.    Hydrogen Production Equipment Technology & Hydrogen Supply:

Hydrogen manufacturing equipment/technology, reforming equipment/technology, multi-process hydrogen production equipment/technology (natural gas steam conversion, methanol cracking hydrogen production, coal hydrogen production, water electrolysis hydrogen production, chemical hydrogen production, renewable energy hydrogen production, etc.) ); hydrogen production company; residual hydrogen supply enterprise; methane / propane / butane / methanol, pure hydrogen, synthetic hydrogen, hydrogen, gasoline / kerosene / solvent oil, hydrogen detection equipment

B.    Hydrogen Storage & Transportation Equipment:

Hydrogen storage tank / hydrogen storage tank, hydrogen sensor, distributor, hydrogen storage alloy, hydrogen storage related materials, hydrogen pipeline, pump, valve, special transportation vehicle, etc.; related equipment: gas turbine / steam turbine, frequency converter / variable Flow, absorption chiller, other related technical equipment, pure water manufacturing equipment, grinding machine / distributor / mixer, cleaning equipment, furnace / drying furnace / firing furnace, computer-aided manufacturing, etc.

C.    Fuel Cell Critical Components & Technology:

Electrode/catalyst, membrane electrode set, other cell stack materials, gas diffusion membrane, separator, heat utilization/thermal energy technology, gas and electricity symbiosis system, radiator, heater, hot water storage tank, heat exchanger, supply technology: valve /Connectors,Chemical Oxide,Compressors,Carbon Nanotubes,Pumps,Air Blower, Other Related Product Technology; Evaluation/Testing/Analysis: Single Cell Test Equipment, Electronic Load Instruments, Hydrogen Sensors, Gas Analysis Equipment, Analysis Software (Structure , heat, electromagnetic, fluid, noise), electrical characteristics evaluation device, material testing equipment, battery side-emitting equipment

D.    Fuel Cell System & Application:

Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC), alkaline fuel cell (AFC), molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC), solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC), phosphoric acid doped proton exchange membrane fuel Battery (PBI-PEMFC); direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) metal air fuel cell (MAFC) and other fuel cell systems and products; hydrogen internal combustion engine; etc.; application: communication base station (backup power / emergency power), mobile phone and special market , other applications, etc.

E.    New Energy Vehicles (Passenger Vehicles/Business Vehicles), Charging Facility:

Hydrogen energy natural and other new energy clean fuels, Charging station, Charging post; Smart network program plan for charging station and its results display; Electric van, electric car, electric sight-seeing bus, electric golf cart, cleaning trolley, hybrid car, solar energy electric vehicle, light electric car (micro hybrid, light hybrid, moderate hybrid, heavy hybrid and plug-in hybrid)

F.    Others