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Will green hydrogen demand be too much for electrolyzers in only a few years?

US investment bank firm Jefferies Group says there just won’t be enough equipment by 2030.

By 2030, the global green hydrogen demand will already have overwhelmed the number of electrolyzers capable of producing it, said US investment bank and financial services firm Jefferies Group.

According to Jeffries, this remains the case even if hydrogen use remains at the lowest predicted level.

At the same time that Jefferies criticized the oil industry’s influence and the use of blue hydrogen, it also stated that even with the lowest green hydrogen demand, electrolyzers worldwide will already be overwhelmed by 2030. The New York-based company published its predictions in its recent “Plugging into the Hydrogen Ecosystem” report for clients.

That report indicated that by the end of this decade, the worldwide supply of electrolyzers will have reached 47GW, but “could sit somewhere in the 30-40GW range”. Comparatively, there are 54GW of announced projects and 94GW of projects that are “pledged” according to the report. “The conclusion is that there is unlikely to be sufficient supply even for the proposed projects out to 2030 even in the lowest demand scenario.”